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These look wonderful! This recipe is going on my to-try list, for sure. This is such a great idea. The pictures are scrumptious and make me want the candy even more. I like your take on using potent juice flavors and that the recipe is relatively easy. Knowing the right proportions to produce the texture I see in the pics is very valuable to me, and my sweet tooth! Depending on the type of gelatin you use, you might have to try a bit to achieve the best consistency. Oh my gosh these look awesome! How do you think strawberry would work?


Thanks for the post! I can imagine they will work wonderfully and provide a fantastic, deep color! One could also think about adding a few finely chopped mint leaves into the mix for a fresh twist, I suppose that would go great with strawberries too.

Til recipes

Just thinking about that :. I tried this with pomegranate juice and it turned out awesome! I have a question, would this work with either coconut water with the pulp or OJ with extra pulp? What a wonderful idea for gifting! My daughter is getting older now and we are doing things together in the kitchen. We recently baked some cookies for our neighbors because I am trying to teach her to be giving. She and I also made jewelry for three birthdays this month.

I have a feeling that introducing a candy recipe into our new practice is going to be a major hit. I was wondering about the vegetable oil choice though, as I only cook with coconut, olive or avocado oil. I am hoping that one of these would be a suitable substitute. I hope you two will have fun and success with the jellies!

Concerning the oil, you can use one of the varieties for sure.

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You might only consider using a mild oil without a strong taste of its own to not influence the flavor too much some oilve oils can be very aromatic. But on the other hand, coconut oil is a great replacement and I think its flavor will fit the recipe. These remind me of the orange slices. I also like making candy, and have never thought about making these may have to give it a try.

All I can hope is that it will taste as good as it looks. I hope it will, too! It think jonyMacdonald has already tried the squares and was happy how they turned out. So I cross my fingers that yours will be a success as well. This is a perfect alternative. Ha ha. Do you think I could use something to make strawberry kiwi flavor?

The Spangler Store & Museum is open! Great gifts for your family and friends!

I also think a juicer might be the best idea. In this case you can also easily adjust the ratio of the different sorts and experiment with flavors. Plus, absolutely no additives, only real fruit. Strawberry-kiwi sounds yummy, great combination for a fruity and sour treat! Not really. I would never go directly against her wishes, but she is pretty strict about eating healthy and feeding the kids healthy stuff. That is of course, a good thing, but as Grandma, I still want to share some goodies.

PS: I always remember my Grandma having some wonderful sweet treats around too when either I or she came to visit. This looks good! Great that you want to try it out. But as long as its pure gelatin in whatever shape, e. All you have to pay attention to, is the preparation and dosage information on the package of your gelatin.

This might need some calculating, but it can work. You can have a look, what ratio the package suggest for the amount of liquid in the recipe above approx. Well now, these sound all kinds of delicious! Are there any fruit juices that you have found that will not work as well as others? I really like them and they are a better alternative than store-bought candies which also often contain artifical flavors.

From personal experience, I have tried orange, grape, cherry, apple and multivitamin juice. In the comments above, we had a pomegranate version, too! They all worked well and differ in their flavors. One can taste the fruit juices, so you might take a variety you like for drinking, too.

And between you and me: I think the granulated sugar coating simply belongs to them, too. They look wonderful with it.

The Recipe

And — as we already make our own candy — we can allow that tiny bit of extra sugar and enjoy it even more, right? Those colors certainly are inviting.

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The purple plums variety in particular made me want to reach into the screen and take it out for a quick snack. The prospect of mixing colors and flavors also intrigues me. It allows you to make so colorful candy without artifical coloring agents. So if you have some spare time, you should try it out and enjoy some rainbow candy squares at home! I think I have tasted something similar to this as a kid.


This sounds so tasty and the ingredients seem to be things we may have in the cupboard. I love most things that are homemade and this candy looks worth the try.


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It seems like it is not as bad for us as store bought candy. I would love to see how this tastes, and experience the texture. It seems like it may be a chewy, maybe gelatin type of candy, so to speak. It has this special soft-gelatin texture.

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I just really love this kind of candy! I love this special type of goodies and making them oneself is a fantastic thing to do.

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  • What other candy have you tried making already? Recently, I made some chocolate lollies, because I have this funny mold for them. It was delicious and my family loved it. Hope these sweet squares will be a success for you, too! I really do like the look of these. I do not have much of a sweet tooth, but crave chocolate every now an d then. If I eat sweets it will be some form of jelly candy, which I do enjoy. I have not ever made any homemade sweets, but this has inspired me to give it a try.